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Originally Posted by Dave Baumann View Post
At the ASIC level every PRO built can operate at PRO2 levels using the PRO2 BIOS so floor pricing is already dictated by that.
Which is great actually. But that doesn't really address the root issue brought about by your recent announcement of the standard and Boost versions hitting an identical $319 price. Now, granted, I know I shouldn't be thinking about the channel etc, but....

My main concern at this point in time is really the downwards pressure this places upon existing stocks of the HD 7950. If the "Pro 2" as you put it hits the $319 price point, what's the incentive for consumers to buy the "older" card other than additional discounts?

For the time being, I wouldn't be surprised if most board partners stick to the $319 / $349 points for the standard and Boost respectively. At least until their inventory is diminished somewhat.
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