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Originally Posted by redline View Post
To take advantage of GPU rendering (vs CPU+main memory), video memory is crucial, as that will be a fixed limitation on the complexity of scenes that can be rendered.

Definitely get a 256GB SSD, not only to allow more room for software, but also to help reduce write amplification. My recommendation is the Samsung 830.

If you're going with the 3930k CPU, then obviously you'll want to take advantage of the BST deals offered from people who bought the CPU at an extreme discount from the Intel Retail Edge program to flip it for a profit.

An 850W PSU is fine, but I would go with a 1000W unit for this system to comfortably allow room for 2+ GPUs, and to operate at slightly increased efficiency at full load.

For memory, go with 8GB DIMMS (2x8GB vs 4x4GB). 1600MHz kits offer the best value.

That's all I feel like commenting on. :) Good luck with it!
would you recommend corsair g skill or hyper x

can i just use my 3tb external for extra applications and what not or does it have to be a internal drive?
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