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My System Specs


Originally Posted by eyefinity View Post
Claiming the 660 Ti is a "no brainer" at 1080p is a joke at best. Why don't you overclock the hell out of the 660 Ti, 7950 and even the 7870 and see what the results are, then see where your "no brainer" comment stands. Most people in forums throughout the web see it completely opposite and the 7950 is by far the more enticing card at any resolution.
Even if you think the 7950 has better performance you cannot deny that it uses more power, is louder and runs hotter than the 660ti for what a couple of frames at best? Did I mention it is more expensive too. From the 6+ reviews I have read on both of these cards I came away with the same conclusion as sky and I find it interesting that you did not. 660ti at 1080p really is a no brainer.
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