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My System Specs


Considering that you can have a top end machine for less than ever (can buld a 2570k on good board etc for ~$600) I think it's justifyable to bump the GPU's slightly..

But at the same time I would say $300 for a card is top of mid range and start of high end.
Entry: <$100
Low end:$100 -$175
Mid Range: $175 - $300
High End: $300 - $450/$500
Enthusiast: $450/$500+++
All being blurred lines where each price-point meets.

Really $450 will get you a 670 or 7970, overclocked and custom cooled.. either will max pretty much any game at 1080 or 1200 and are capable at 1440.. ie High end.
The only single core card thats more expensive is the 680 and it only provides small gains over the these 2.. ie enthusiast stuff

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