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Originally Posted by frontier204 View Post
Thanks for the review, SKY! I don't mind the delay because testing with an off-the-shelf video card is more realistic than getting a BIOS from AMD which essentially turns your card into an engineering sample.

I always had the impression that midrange for GPUs was around $(150-250], high-end was $(250-450], and higher was enthusiast/beyond the point of reason. Is there a spike of buying huge monitor / multi-monitor / stereo vision monitor for gaming that changed this? If that's the case, then call me a low-end gamer because I can't fit a bigger monitor on my desk and stereo vision won't work on my eyes
Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Entry Level: <$150
Mid Range: $150 - $350
High End: $350 - $550
Enthusiast: $550+++

I'm glad somebody brought this up as I was thinking about it earlier this morning.

When did "midrange" pricing creep up as high as $299 let alone $350?

My first "decent" discrete card would have been an ATI 9600 Pro, followed by a 1950 Pro, then a HD 3850 (paid a premium on that because it was one of the HIS Ice-Q models with premium heatsink), 8800 GTX, 4850, GTS 450 (mostly for folding, but still capable of some gaming), finally settling on a GTX 560ti card prior to going all hog and purchasing the GTX 680 close to launch day. (There was also a 280 in there, but that was a deal I couldn't refuse... ;) ).

My point is that each of those cards was considered low/mid-range when I bought them, and not a single one of them cost me more than $250 let alone $350. It seems to me that the bar has been set awfully high for folks who want to purchase a decent gaming card, and that can't be a good thing for the future of PC gaming.

As far as the Review goes.... I came away kinda Meh.... yeah it appears to perform better than a 660ti, but even at the higher res I'm not convinved that it's $50+ better. There's (IMO) a huge pricepoint difference between purchasing something sub $300 (or any $100 mark for that matter) and something either mid $300 or even worse, 3/4 of the way to $400.
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