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Originally Posted by eyefinity View Post
Claiming the 660 Ti is a "no brainer" at 1080p is a joke at best. Why don't you overclock the hell out of the 660 Ti, 7950 and even the 7870 and see what the results are, then see where your "no brainer" comment stands. Most people in forums throughout the web see it completely opposite and the 7950 is by far the more enticing card at any resolution.
Apples and oranges. Stop comparing overclocked cards to reference results. Overclocking is by no means guaranteed, as has been proven by countless posts on this forum and others. Reference clocks on the other hand ARE guaranteed.

As we proved, this HD 7950 doesn't overclock all that well. If I had overclocked this card and our reference GTX 660 Ti to their maximum speeds, the result wouldn't have changed one iota as they're both horrible overclockers.

Not only that but the GTX 660 Ti AND GTX 670 consume less power, are quieter and operate at lower temperatures. That makes the GTX 660 Ti a "no brainer" at 1920 and the GTX 670 (in my opinion) at winner at higher resolutions, regardless of its on-par performance.
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