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Originally Posted by Brian@NCIX View Post
That looks like a pretty good config, just a few suggestions,

I would highly consider upgrading further to the GTX680 if this is for future proofing, the performance difference is noticable.

You do not need Corsair Platinum's for gaming or editing, unless you're going for the bling factor! Some high quantity Vengeance will work just fine :).

I would stick with the 120GB SSD, if all your renderings & games are going to the HDD. 240GB is hard to fill if you keep an eye on where you're installing your files.

thanks for the advice! im not really a firm believer in "future proofing" you never know whats around the corner i just want something beast. and for my research this is pretty beast. it looks nice and it will be a champion for hopefully a long time
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