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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
That's probably going to have to wait until an X-Pack. I suppose a lot depends on how a person enjoyed playing DII.

I was fine with the neverending grind while hoping to find a better drop and slowly improving stats on the way to lvl 99. I'm sure I spent a good 1 - 2 yrs where that was the great majority of my gaming (LoD), and then the occasional 2 - 3 month stretch revisiting the game when a new/major patch came out which changed gameplay. Other folks not so much.
I enjoyed the DII item hunt because I enjoyed the boss runs... However this play the whole act repeatedly for best results bores me.

Also having a specific item you are looking for was fun unlike rolling the dice every drop.

Also looking at the comments all I see is "good job Blizzard! Now I will come back and play"... All they did was add more levels so your characters can get stronger. There is no point grinding until your eyes bleed because at the end of the day there is only 1 thing to do in the game which is grind. You push to reach an objective and once you get there, there isn't anything to do the fact is that the game ends once you hit level 60 (really for me the game ends once you hit level20 or 30 something and clear normal mode). Now grind isn't all bad but once players hit paragon 100 AKA level 160 there is still only one thing to do. There is no progression after you hit the level cap and there is still nothing that isn't mindless to do. At the end of the day completionists will hit 160 and then be just as disappointed with the game as when they hit level 60.

In DII you had specific goals to work for once you beat the game, whether it was getting that 1 special item, dueling people or starting again with a completely new character. I remember making smiter pally's hammerdins, trap assassins and they could all work but in D3 all the builds feel the same. You can have a completely different skill bar from someone else but at the end of the day your characters will function very similarly.

P.S I saw someone call the paragon system innovative... I almost pooped my pants it only exists in every F2P MMO ever.

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