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My System Specs


I'm not sure with Maya specifically but I would be surprised if it used 2GB of graphics ram before running out of processing power...
Even all but the top end workstation cards don't have more than 2GB

If your really worried about graphics power/memory consumption in the program then I would suggest going to Maya forums or a 3d forum to ask advice on the best gaming card for it.. I have a feeling that they will suggest a 580 or ati card as Nvidia have designed this series more for dedicated games than the previous generation/AMDs are.

On the ram.. I wouldn't go the corsairs... gskill do some nice 1.5 or 1.35 volt stuff that is common fast and good
(check out the thread in memory section on mushkin, most here would suggest mushkin or gskill )

On the SSD.. I would want all my programs and games on my SSD and thats just not possible with 120GB.. if your spending that much why only have the OS and a couple of programs? Make everything faster.. especially considering the budget you have..

Your doing Maya in school... and your dropping $500 on a processor???
I would definitely go 3770k and be happy till it's earning me money then you can get a dedicated rendering rig with a proper workstation card..

Back when everyone was advising q6600's and even 920's I was quite happily doing video, audio and light 3d work on a core 2 duo lappy (not even a high end one) If your doing some serious high-end work and LOADS of it.. then work away.. I just hope your not dropping this much cash on a rig to do a few months of practice / projects and game when a chip and board half the price would do you..

This is obviously your shout.. I'm just trying to point out how fast the current stuff is and that you don't need to drop so much cash to have a good performing rig even if your rendering etc.

On the 680 (and indeed the 670 and any of the processors you may consider) much if the performance is gained from overclocking.. 20% is about average.. and the 680 stretches a fair bit more than 5% at 2560x1440(which I hope your using with this build)

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