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Thanks for the helpful comments already - it's pretty encouraging, feels great to get into this wc hobby :) Btw, Sagath I was trying really hard to contain laughter over your hafx "old yeller" comment lool :)
. Funniest reference I've heard in a while!

Soullessone21, I'm absolutely open and interested in buying parts from the community! Definitely open to suggestions. My idea of wc parts is still pretty weak though, so will need a bit of advisement. will use this new motivation & interest to bring myself up to speed :P

I've been able to glean that everthing isn't always bought in one quick shot, but I am ready to start ordering parts that I can confirm will be needed in my ultimate build, and will not hinder my options down the road. I will try to compile a list of these right away, maybe with some pointers from you guys. If anyone is selling parts, feel free to let me know.

As for the case, at half the cost I agree 800D is more attractive than the TJ11. Unless there was some compelling darkhorse reasoning behind opting for the latter, I'm perfectly happy with the 800D option. If there are any "new gen" ideas (as i know the 800D is legendary), I wouldn't mind checking out some novel & other sleek options.
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