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My System Specs


Swiftech is generally the entry level price point for a custom water loop. SSW is right at about 300, and up. Pump, rad and res is nearly 200 of that, plus fittings, hose, and block(s). A decent CPU block is ~100. For cases, the 800D is awesome for watercooling and at half the price of your other case Id get it in a heartbeat. If you want to save a few more bux, you could go with the 'old yeller' of cases, and get a HAFX in the low 100's.

One thing I always try to tell friends about watercooling is that you have to treat it as your "sports car" of your computers. Dont expect it to be your daily driver. Breakdowns happen, cleanings need to be done, and you'll continually have to throw a bit of $ at it. Treat it as a hobby, treat it with respect and make sure you have time to dedicate to it.

That being said, once you go water, you probably wont go back.
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