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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
If this is mainly for playing games then I say it's a waste of money..
Don't base a gaming build off x79.. it's not worth the price difference if it's a gaming / general build.. an i7 3770k will be fast enough and save you some bucks

If you do allot of editing and rendering and want the extra cores then by all means go ahead.. but it really depends on how much editing and rendering you'll be doing on the box.

Apart from the x79 part...
670 will run out of power before it uses the ram... get a 680 for the same ish price..
The platinum ram is overpriced.. get 32GB for the same or lower price.
If spending this much on parts get at least a 256GB SSD..
1TB for storage on a 3d graphics and rendering box... I would be looking at 2 3TB Seagate 7200.14 HDD's for space and speed and mirrored for data security in case 1 fails.

As said above the PSU is the minimum I would suggest for an overclocked sli build.. Drop in water cooling and a few more HDD's or possibly tri SLI and you'll have to replace it.. go 1000 watt for a brace of HDD's and water loop or 1200 if tri SLI is a possibility.

Also as said above the 800D is a beast of a case and only really needed if you want to do a custom cooling loop with lots of room to still work in the case..
Pretty much any decent mid tower will do the same but be a tighter package.

what do you mean run out of power before it uses the ram?
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