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Originally Posted by Soullessone21 View Post
Did I read the review right and it says the case does not include a window??? I have 3 Shinobi XL Windowed cases at the moment they all cost $10 more with the window.

Great review though even if I disagree with how complicated it is to remove the HDD bracket as it now takes my tech team less then 2 minutes to remove each one and install the hdd into the awesomely provided 5.25 to 3.5/2.5" HDD adapter.

Its a great case have to agree with the air movement but something feels lacking about the review would of loved to see more examples of how the fans/water cooling would fit in the case as I get that question a lot and have personally built over 20 towers with that case.

Great review guys keep up the awesome work :)
Actually, we meant that we weren't reviewing the side window version. I will update accordingly now.

Originally Posted by Master_Shake_ View Post
i will as this again...instead of telling us a radiator could fit why not show us?

then if there are any issues he could address them instead of frantically googling what rads in what combos fit...

other than that nice review!
The issue you bring up is more complicated than you realize. We can never cover every rad thickness / layout. No matter what, you'll likely find yourself Googling anyways...
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