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I have a P182. I have 800rpp fans on the top and rear exhaust and 1200rpm fans on the front intakes. This produces a positive pressure in teh case and a normal convention path from front/bottom to top/rear. In the process the air flows past the HDD's, the motherboard chipset, memory and the cpu cooler (which has it's own fan).

Much depends on the case and ho constrictive the airflow is. In any case positive pressure is desirable not only for potentially better cooling, but for reducing dust intake.

As with most things YMMV.

Re: filters

These are more expensive but seem much less restrictive: Silverstone Tek 120mm Fan Filter with Magnet for Case Fan and Panel Air Vent Cooling FF122 (Black): Computers & Accessories

or even these: SilverStone 120mm Fan Filter with Grill FF121B (Black): Electronics
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