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My System Specs


Ok I changed my sound card for different reasons but I did go through the same type of options that you looked at so I will give you my advice.

Back in March of this year, I had been using a Creative X-Fi Music since 2006 when I originally bought it. No the problem that I had is a well know problem where using and SSD with Windows 7(any version) will cause a problem at startup where the audio kicks out and the only way to get it back is to un-install the drivers and re-install them only to have the same problem happen again. There is a 41 page forum posting about many people complaining about the problem.

So my solution was to grab an Auzentech Forte 7.1 and try that and it worked great.....for 3 days till the same problem happened again( they still use the same drivers from Creative, they just make them a bit prettier). So I took that card back and got a refund. Now I was left trying to find something onboard that sounded close to a soundcard. This prompted me to upgrade my system from a AMD 1090T with a Asus Sabertooth 990FX to my current system which is an Intel 2700k(got it cheap) and the Asus Maximus V Gene. The sound is much better and very very close if almost undecernable from a discreet soundcard.

In my opinion I think you should go for the Asus Maximus V Formula board and save yourself the troubles I went through.
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