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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Do not use connectors like this for your GPU if you have proper ones on your PSU, which you do
And definately don't power anything else off them..

This pic... you should have 2 cables like this coming straight from the PSU (no adapters etc) and plug 1 into the 8 pin and the other into the 6 pin with the 2 extra pins left out..

Plug in the GPU, take another pic and then update your album (let us know when).
Make sure both PCI-E cables are in the correct part of your PSU
Okay, ill do that right away, now i ask you real quick, the original setup with the adapters worked fine. I know that if something works fine its not always good, but is that normal that it worked? OR is it just not recommended. Ill post pictures of the two made cables ASAP.

Edit: Pictures uploaded, standby light still on, no power. Hit the turn on button and no spin, spark, sound at all. Everything seems to be still. Never saw a spark or smoke by the way.

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