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Originally Posted by Shadowmeph View Post
if all you did was unplugged cables and moved them around maybe you bumped something or maybe not all of the cables are plugged in all of the way. what I would do is unplug one cable at a time then plug it back in go around the whole board doing this and make sure that your ram and everything else is seated properly.
it could be something as simple the pin connector wire being pulled off while you were cleaning up the cables . with things like this always start with the simplest solution.
Thanks for the Shadow, but the thing is that i turned on my PC and the leds blinked and everything shutted down, do you think that means something fried or just loose connectors and not sufficient power? Like i said earlier, my father was able to jumpstart the motherboard by putting in a metal clip into the main power connector from the psu to the motherboard but only the fans spun and leds turned on and no post. Does that indicate that i haven't fried anything though??

Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
Looks good; connect both the 6-pin and 8-pin connectors to the gpu without the adaptor (use the cables coming straight from the PSU). Power it up then. Make sure you have a monitor connected. Should work.
Thanks, but before i do anything , did you read my edited post on the album? I may of said something important there.


Here is what im going to do once you guys say i should do it or not. Im about to plug a 6 +2 pin cable into the 8 pin cable, i cant find the 8pin only cable and then another 6+2 pin cable into the right 6 pin connector on the graphics card with 2 pins left disconnected. Both cables will plug directly into the PSU. Is this correct?

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