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Originally Posted by Chareon View Post
Yeah its slow speed isn't going to be much of an issue with very small file sizes, however I'm still not seeing any advantage in using bluetooth over your regular network.

For me transferring a file consists of a cut/copy on the file I want to copy, a click on my fileserver shortcut under favourites in explorer, and if its just a quick transfer between the two a paste right in the root (if I intend to keep the file long term, navigate to the appropriate folder and paste it there). Now I can access said file from any machine. There is obviously no network speed performance with bluetooth, and I'm not really seeing how there would be any ease of use advantage with bluetooth either.
i believe the advantage to it is if you, the network administrator, are transferring alot of tiny files over to the server. i dont know if you can do this without having to do the conformation thing for every single file but if i could then that would make it really REALLY useful. especially in an office since they are transferring small files like pictures and documents made in Office 2007 and 2010 (or 2003 if they are still in the past...where im in 2007 ^^)
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