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Thanks for the comments,

So the reason why I went with this case is exactly your guess, I do plan to do a water cooling setup in the future, I wanted a case big enough for anything I want to through at it, plus I love the design. Also a second video card is in the near future as well.

On the SSD note, I should have explained a little better, the main reason on the wait is this build has set me back about $2300 after taxes and shipping, and I have yet to get a keyboard/mouse so I figured I could live with only one SSD for now :P but your comment about the prices great now and not dropping much in the near future makes perfect sense.

Still undecided on the monitor, if I can't get what I am asking for it ($450 with 1 year extended warranty remaining) then I will keep it, the idea of selling came from wanting to either upgrade to a 27inch or go with a tripple monitor setup once a 2nd 7950 is in the machine.
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