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My System Specs


ASUS - Sound & Multimedia Devices

I think it is noise cancelling mic.. she sounded clear and I could only barely hear the TV in the background where with her other it was a lil staticy and could hear the tv very clearly..
I'll get her to test again and see.. as for the audio quality.. she's not the best person to ask.. was using laptop and could only check if there were 2 channels working at a time
(wanted to make sure there was no 'buzz' or bad vibration sounds that you get with low quality or buggered speakers at certain frequencies.)

From what I've read / been told they are pretty good on the quality side BUT.. thats for 5.1.. they are no audiophile headset.. I MIGHT look at getting a nice mid range set of cans for music depending on how these perform.. but don't expect the same profile from these (for games and movies really) to be great for music too.

Likewise something thats going to be great for music may not be up to par for games..
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