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My System Specs


All fair points, I would try poke him to a less expensive case though..
The Haf 912 is definitely not everyone's cup of tea but it is rather good for building, fans, filters etc (and awesomely cheap)..
Personally I couldn't justify $70 on a case when the budget is so tight.. Possible to squeeze even $100 or $50 more out of him...
and remember to price-match... you'd be surprised how much you can save.. (that actually might give you the wiggle room you need)

The HDD, not too sure, the reason the seagate (specifically the 7200.14) are so fast is because of the data density.. they have 1GB per platter..
The one I suggested is between a Blue 500GB and Black 1TB in price but faster than the black. And hdd speed is important for usability when you have no SSD. and at $25? more for double the space and speed... you get the point.

I would still poke him towards the 3570k too...
It will at least give him the option of overclocking at some stage (will need a custom cooler at that point) or be worth a fair bit more than a 3550 when he goes to sell..
If he runs parts till they are totally obsolete, then it will make the rig last him much longer (get easily 4.5GHZ out of them with little effort and minimal spend on custom cooler)

I think you've chosen pretty well for the budget.. It's just that little bit more than you have to play with to get a properly top end machine (less an SSD)
Though after you price-match you may find you have enough to get the 1 GB hdd, his choice of case and the 3570k. Really need to do that and see where you stand
(maybe try memory express.. they do price-beat rather than match)

I see no mouse / keyboard there.. you'll need to budget that (even if they are bog standard)

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