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Default Sound Card and Headset Advice

Hello HWC!

My name is Stuart and I'm looking into purchasing a SoundCard and Headset for gaming. I would like to keep some money in my pocket, so I have a budget of about $150 - $250. I am not an "audiophile", but I appreciate good audio quality none the less. I am not sure if I want stereo or surround, so I would appreciate both types in your replies. For the soundcard, I am limited to PCI, NOT PCIe, because all of my PCIe slots are being used. I need a mic on the headset, I know that that is the definition *jokes, because I am using a BlackWidow Ultimate, and don't need my friends to hear that noise on Skype, TS, or whatever I'm using. I like a closed ear headset and that is REQUIRED. I have been using TurtleBeach X41's (XBox n00b, I know) and have been satisfied, but not thrilled by them. From the research I am doing, I am liking the SteelSeries Siberia V2's, but that opinion could easily be swayed.

Thanks in advance,
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