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Default Need advice on upgrading

Currently, I'm running a 3 years old AM2+ setup with a gigabyte ma-790x ud4p motherboard and phenom 2 720be CPU. I am looking into getting my first SSD. But I did some research and found that my choices would be very limited with no trim support. :( so i came up with a couple of options:
  • buy new SSD only (probably a crucial m4)
  • upgrade motherboard, ram(am3+ with ddr3), and new SSD (vertex 4 maybe)
I use this computer a few hours a day, and occasionally play skyrim on it. My budget would be roughly $100 for SSD and additional $150 for ram and mb if necessary.

I'm unsure of the real world performance difference between the 2, and whether upgrading my motherboard and ram will justify its cost. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
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