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My System Specs


By the way, if you want true surround sound headset and good quality sound I would look at an Asus soundcard and a set of Tritton 5.1 headset..
I found some new ones going very cheap on ebay(COD black ops branded but who cares at the price)
Call of Duty Black OPS ProGaming Analogue Headset for PC (based on AX51 Pro) | eBay

Apparently very very comfy(if a lil heavy) and really good surround..
I bought a pair and they were new and perfect (according to my girlfriend, as I said I'm in Kiev and will be collecting them next time I'm home)

If you already have your headset then don't worry about it but if not and you don't mind spending the money you saved, it's worth a look.

Other option is to get a really good monitor... Catleaps are cheap 27" IPS at 2560x1440 but there is risk involved.. (check the thread in display section)
I'm really tempted by these.. or OCUK has a couple of cheap ones (though not as cheap as the catleaps)
I would change to a 7970 if you do go for this as they are better at higher res and only a tad more expensive than the 670's

Or you can be very happy with what you have and save the cash..
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