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My System Specs


Got some more work in after supper.

I showed my 3 year old how to pop-rivet a case back together, he seemed suitably impressed.

I plan on using the HDD cage with a single drive in it, screwed to both sides of the drive cage to provide some stability. I also got the fans mounted on the rad, and tossed the fan grilles back on to see how they look.

Well, once I started putting stuff back together I just continued on to get a pretty good idea of how the finished product will look from the outside view. With the window re-mounted using black screws:

And the obligatory 3/4 shot, with the res temporarily mounted. This shot makes me want to tear down my TJ-07 tonight and start swapping parts, but I know better than to do that when I'm tired. Hopefully I can get some measurements tomorrow and decide if my Rampage IV Extreme is going to shoehorn in there.

I haven't decided on whether I'll leave the XSPC logo silver, or mask it out and paint it copper. I do have the silver on the Silverstone logos and nickel plated blocks so a touch of silver won't look too out of place, I think.

Enough for today, family day planned for tomorrow, so see you when I get the chance to do some more.
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