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My System Specs


what res do you play at? 1080?

If yes then 1 580 is enough (or 660).. the raw power of sli 580's will beat any single core card available at the moment..
but as said above, how that translates to game-play with power usage, heat, noise and how sell the game scales with SLI would point me to a single card solution.

I wouldn't upgrade a 580 at the moment if I had one.. next gen and then I would consider it (at 1080)
If you looking to buy a whole new GPU solution, then I would go single 670 or for high res stuff 7970..

Go 580's if you want to play with SLI and the challenges it will bring..

Remember you need pretty good cooling and a reasonable PSU for dual 580's (850 would be my suggestion) so take that into account too.
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