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My System Specs


What site are you buying from?

Generally anywhere in Ireland is going to be more expensive than the UK.. try Scan or Overclockers.. (both
They deliver to Ireland and it really doesn't cost that much.. (bout 13 for my last order from overclockers)

Keep an eye out for their weekly and daily deals too.. could save you the shipping if you chose well and time it right.

You'll probably get a z77 board too as the z68 isn't that common any more.

Look at the Corsair TX650 V2 PSU.. it's more than enough for what your running and you'd only need more if you ever go for a dual card set-up.

P.S. I'm not sure what they are like now but I always found the Creative stuff overpriced..
If you really want a separate sound card (and have a speaker / headset / cans to justify getting one, on-board isn't bad these days)
Look at something like the Asus DX. But there are others here who are much better to get audio advice from.

If your budget stretches to it (after saving where you can, eg the processor) Grab a ssd (128GB minimum 256 is ideal) and a better cooler (allows you to overclock more and will be quieter)

Whats your budget all in (in euros)?

I'm about to build a rig for my bro on a budget.. Am currently living in Kiev and can get some dirt cheap parts.. gonna cost him 650-700 for everything less the GPU (tower only) and a similar build to yours.. from UK it'll cost about 850 I think (again without the GPU)

If you want to Squeeze more out of your budget then you may be better looking at a differentt motherboard (I really like asus boards but they are expensive for their features)
Bro's machine is going to be an
Asrock extreme4 z77,
8 Gb ram (whatever is cheap and good)
2 TB Seagate 7200.14 (faster and Much cheaper than the WD Blacks)
CM Haf 912 or something around as good and price.

No cooler or GPU for now as he's short on funds and isn't overclocking straight away and has a reasonable GPU (5770)

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