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My System Specs


Originally Posted by foleykevin297 View Post
Thanks for the reply! i was thinking the power supply was a bit of an overkill but i would rather be safe then sorry atleast now i know :) getting the low profile memory make sense since i do plan on adding more later on. As for the processor do you think an I7 in an overkill because i have read that the i5 2500k is more then enough for a gaming rig ?
just like grabbing a slightly larger power supply is a good decision(running a corsair GS800 myself) grabbing an i7 is smart... I upgraded from a 775 socket q9400 to a 1366 socket i7 the time I could have purchased a 1156 socket i5 system for much less, but looking back now everyone that went 1156 socket i5 upgraded, and I am still maxing out basically every game made still after years with basically no upgrading other then SSD.
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