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My System Specs


I am reviving this thread a bit because I am having a similar problem again : I received a GTS 450 also from MSI, the Cyclone OC version clocked at 850MHz. While the card is impeccable at gaming I have trouble folding with it. It stays next to another GTS 450 from Asus, also clocked by default at 850MHz and while the Asus is chugging fine the MSI failed to complete 10 WUs in a row, so it was given a 4 hour break. Also while it started a WU, the same number as the Asus, it showed a higher PPD, Asus was around 8.7 kPPD and MSI showed 1k PPD more. So it seems that maybe is MSI that is meddling with the cards not the chip itself. Anyone else has issues while GPU folding on MSI nvidia cards?
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