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Originally Posted by JD View Post
Virgin Mobile or Koodo might be your best options then. There might be some student promos in the coming weeks as we get closer to September.

Koodo has a $40 plan for 150 minutes, 250MB data, unlimited text, CID, VM, unlimited evenings at 5pm and weekends.

Virgin has a similar $40 plan for 150 minutes, 100MB of data, unlimited talk to 5 buddies, unlimited incoming, unlimited evenings at 6pm and weekends, and unlimited text. I believe Virgin also gives you unlimited calling between people on the same account. So you could talk to the fiancee all you want ;)
Thanks a lot for the Info. I am gonna go with the above 2. BUT might ditch the data thingy as have no real need to be 24/7 online, need a break while in calsses
O fiancee, hmmm glad my wife didn't read this one gonna get my ass whopped Hehehe!
I will keep an eye for student plans if they become available.
Thanks again.
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