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My System Specs


The kids both went to bed before 7 tonight, so I got a couple hours to work on the case. And my bay res showed up from Dazmode today, 7 days from Ontario to BC and I chose the cheapest shipping option. Kudos to Daz and Natalie.

As mentioned before I needed to do at least one more coat of color before I clear coat. Got the garage cleaned out and my paint booth set up:

While I was waiting for paint to dry, I unmounted the drive cage and made the decision on where to cut it off.

That's as close to 3 inches from the bottom as I could get. Why 3 inches? Because Tesla loved the number 3. It was really just because that's where the tape landed.

After cleaning up the garage, threw the panels on to see if I got all the areas where my coverage was uneven. I've got 2 parts to touch up, sigh. Here's a shot from the back. I'm liking the copper and black look so far. It's not so orange in daylight, hopefully I can get a natural light shot after the next coat.

The specks are metallic flake reflecting the flash back, not dust or anything else. I hope I can sneak in another hour or so tomorrow and get the paint finished and ready for a clear-coat.
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