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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Extremely bad call. This is like saying since Western Digital acquired Hitatchi their quality has gone down too.

Having that Seagate bought Maxtor made no difference in quality and ANY good sales person and or tech would know that EVERY manufacturer EVEN WD has had an issue.. can we say WD Green drives having problems as well?

No one manufacturer is perfect and as I stated earlier currently Seagate has the quickest 2 and 3 TB drive and I find it funny that WD is coming out with a "Red" drive for NAS/RAID and again Seagate has had this type of drive for YEARS... ES
WD have had a ton of issues with their drives over the years and Seagate has had the one bad stretch of faulty drives and it hurt their rep badly. But, WD Blacks seemed to run on very high power and heat and their Greens have had major issues and there have been ton of complaints (justified or not). I thought their support was pretty poor for that since it was their drives that had the particular design issue and not really customers making their own errors or poor use of the drives.

However, yes, all brands have had problems with various drives at times. I think Hitachi drives used to be among the best but there doesn't seem to be very many varieties. Maybe that is a good thing. If Seagate can improve their QC, they should still be a good choice. It depends on that, though, imho, because they have so many lines or varieties. HDDs for NAS, for performance, Green etc. etc.
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