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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
You can't downclock a pre overclocked Kepler-series card in the hopes of replicating reference performance. The reason for this is simple: there is no way of modifying the Base Clock through software right now and the only thing that will be done is the application of an artificial cap upon the Boost frequency. This means higher than reference base frequencies and possibly lower than reference Boost overhead.

IMO, the only way of properly testing this card is to reflash a reference design like the Superclock with a reference BIOS. I think that's what we did and I am sure Ryan did the same.
Interesting. I asked about this in the Anandtech comments section and Ryan replied:
I'm not sure I follow you. The base clock is affected by software. We have full control over the base clock through clock offsets.
Given the diametrically opposed viewpoints, one of you has to be wrong. Have you two ever discussed the issue?
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