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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Let me are a lifetime subscriber to semiaccurate.

Bahahaha...tweak town BIASED for Nividia. You do realized they got BLACK BALLED by NV....right? Anad biased for NV. rofl. They are the number one tech site on the planet. They do NOT play favorites...unlike some other sites you have mentioned as it would only HURT them. It would be lose-lose for them. Then again lumping us in with those 'biased' sites IS a compliment...even if you dont realize it. Whats next your are going to claim we are 'too good looking' or....I know!.... 'hung like a race horse'? I hear those are pretty nasty comments to make about someone else! /whistle.

Man you are not even trying now. You have to troll harder and better than that here.
Do you even realise that Tweaktown had the 660 Ti beating the 7970 quite often? And that the 560 Ti was right up in performance with the 6970? If you think Tweaktown is anything BUT biased you have serious issues.

Anandtech is the #1 techsite on the planet? Do you ever look outside of North America I wonder? You do realise that gets more hits than Anandtech? But shhh don't talk about because they put the 660 Ti in it's rightful place, level with the 7870. No we should believe Anandtech intead - a site that has graphics moderators who are part of Nvidia's focus group and proudly display it in their signatures.

Ryan Smith is well known for being in close contact with Nvidia, and he isn't shy of mentioning it either. Notice a common theme with all these techsites that give better reviews to Nvidia? I'll give you another hint : go read some of SKY's posts on xtremesystems and see him defending Nvidia to the hilt against a myriad of people telling him that the 7950 is the better option - AMD Rolls Out new HD 7950 BIOS, Expects Existing Customers to Look the Other Way
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