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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Hearsay now?

Every single one of your theories from the last post had holes poked through them. And this is the best you've got? Two of our titles are TWIMTBP. Three are Gaming Evolved. The rest are not associated with any one program. Period.
Are you seriously trying to tell us that Nvidia doesn't have much closer relations to Crytek and Bethesda? That they didn't pay millions to Crytek for Crysis 2?

Correction. Dirt 3 and Shogun 2 ALWAYS performed better on AMD. Until NVIDIA did this little thing that AMD should's called driver development. *gasp*
You mean like on Batman and Skyrim? What about Nvidia's driver development on F1, how did that work out?

Take a long hard look at that image and tell us you ain't biased. Lost Planet 2? Are you telling me that's not an outlier? Oh only don't benchmark outliers when they favour AMD right?

Now you are picking apart one of the best looking games around? Desperation....
Oh did you miss the techreport's article on Crysis 2? Or did you just "forget" about it?

Crysis 2 tessellation: too much of a good thing? - The Tech Report - Page 6

No comments to make on that one? I see you're still benching it after all.

Showdown uses a PROPRIETARY shader sub-routine.

I'll tell you what; I'll add showdown. Then I'll also add Max Payne, a game that NVIDIA spanks AMD even without proprietary subroutines.
In your benchmarks I'm sure you can even make Dirt Showdown look good on Nvidia. Why not add Alan Wake, or Anno 2070 instead? Will you be adding Sleeping Dogs or Hitman Absolution? What about Sniper Elite? No? You're gonna be left with the biggest joke of all benchmark suites soon, save perhaps Tweaktown. Grats, you've found your level above Anandtech and below Tweaktown as the 2nd most biased Nvidia fansite on the web.

And I suggest you step very carefully around TWIMTBP. That program has done more to foster DX11 game development that any other initiative.
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