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Originally Posted by eyefinity View Post
Err..Batman and Metro? And Crysis 2? And I'm sure you're well aware of the "special relationship" between Bethesda and Nvidia so you might as well add Skyrim to that.
Hearsay now?

Every single one of your theories from the last post had holes poked through them. And this is the best you've got? Two of our titles are TWIMTBP. Three are Gaming Evolved. The rest are not associated with any one program. Period.

On the flipside you've managed to find the AMD sponsored titles that Nvidia does better in. Shogun and Dirt 3 at least. However you look at it in terms of "hobbling", you are using 5 extremely Nvidia-centric titles and 2 out of 3 AMD titles are heavily favouring Nvidia in benchmarks.
Correction. Dirt 3 and Shogun 2 ALWAYS performed better on AMD. Until NVIDIA did this little thing that AMD should's called driver development. *gasp*

Yeah right. Let's tesselate the hell out of some jersey barriers or hidden underground water and benchmark that instead, that's a lot fairer, right?
Now you are picking apart one of the best looking games around? Desperation....

Exactly what is it that AMD is locking Nvidia out of regarding Dirt Showdown? If the cards aren't up the the task then you simply have to bench at lower settings and inform the reader that the Nvidia card's aren't capable of running the game acceptably at highest quality settings. Isn't that what most sites have been doing regarding PhysX for years?
Showdown uses a PROPRIETARY shader sub-routine.

I'll tell you what; I'll add showdown. Then I'll also add Max Payne, a game that NVIDIA spanks AMD even without proprietary subroutines.

And I suggest you step very carefully around TWIMTBP. That program has done more to foster DX11 game development that any other initiative.
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