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Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
Also, Why is this such a big deal to you? Do you have shares in AMD? Is your life in any way directly affected by how well AMD does?

Really, who cares. Ultimately these are consumer products that we're talking about. You buy one, use it for a couple of years, then buy another one. It's kind of like the equivalent of a calculator. Both AMD and Nvidia cards will do the job. I'm not sure what the big deal is...
I agree mate. Its a commodity. Nothing more nothing less!

Thankfully....This aint the great ragu making a return engagement.

Some Englishmen need to get out mums basement, shave the neckbeard off, take the chunnel out of crazyland and stop thinking either company is 'good' or 'bad'. BOTH are out to make a buck by churning out kick ass products....and that is exactly what BOTH camps are doing.

It seems that of ALL the tech niches, graphic cards bring out the fanboi in the neckbeards the most. I guess its the only way they interact with "real' people....virtually.

I think the fact that both AMD and NV have kick ass products that perform damn near dead even at most price points is AWESOME. This the kinda competition that kicks the hell out of prices, makes both camps push out even better tech ASAP and gets all enthusiasts more goodies FASTER. Who doesnt like bigger, faster, better? Oh yeah thats right...the fanbois.

Seriously. AMD had a free pass at this price range. NV just plugged the hole in their lineup and now we should see some serious competition and some seriously good deals.
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