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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Again, you are cherry picking results. Plus, in two of those situations neither card provides playable framerates anyways.

You really need to look at the big picture across multiple sites. Anandtech, Tech Report, HWC, Techpowerup, etc. And DO NOT post Dirt Showdown uses shading routines that skew results wildly in AMD's favor. It is a perfect example of the Gaming Evolved initiative pulling a fast one on performance charts.

Yeah and you've never used games that wildly favoured Nvidia? We all know who uses their initiative the most to hobble the opposing cards.

As for not using Dirt Showdown - it couldn't possibly be that you don't want to lose Nvidia's huge advantage in Dirt 3 could it?

Or maybe it was because Nvidia asked you nicely in the reviewer guide? Yes this is the point - you can tell which sites are Nvidia biased because they are the ones that didn't benchmark Dirt Showdown.
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