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Originally Posted by mattlef View Post
With all due respect, i think you're inferring what you want to someones comments as a fan of a certain brand. Both reviews stated that the 660ti was directed at the 7950, to compete with it, and in fact it does within ~10-13%, which given the msrp difference, does make it infact a direct compeditor.
Excuse me? Legitreviews has the 7950 29% faster at 1080p. That's vs an OVERCLOCKED 660 Ti. Are you telling me that their conclusion is logical and unbiased based on the results they got?

Both people have stated where it falls in the scheme of things, and I beleive, again with all due respect, that you're viewing comments made by both through some red colored glasses.
You can have your oppinions, but please stay away from inferring someone was 'paid off' for a review, especially when talking about well respected people in the industry.
With all due respect, if you can't add up 4 benchmark totals correctly and take the average without coming to a completely false conclusion like you did above, why should I care what you have to say to me?
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