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Intel HD Graphics 4000 Performance Test
GPU clock default value is 23, or after conversion is 1150MHz
3DMark Vantage => P4556

StreetFighter IV Benchmark
1920 X 1080 => 52.01 FPS

1920 X 1080 => 837

The Intel HD Graphics 4000 compared with the previous generation 3000 has a 60% boost in performance.
These tests were performed at the high resolution of 1920 X 1080, and even with the integrated graphics, it has top-notch 3D performance.
For entry-level 3D, itís good enough, and of course, even performance with some mid-range software is quite good.

Probably the most popular game -- Diablo3
1920 X 1200 effects setting default value => 26 FPS

Typical single-player game in general is about 23 -- 28 FPS

Increase the Intel HD Graphics 4000 from 1150MHz to 1400MHz
1920 X 1200 effects setting is the default value => 31 FPS

Typical single-player game is generally about 27 -- 32 FPS

The above Diablo3 environment is not too complex, set in a high-resolution, default-effects environment.
I suggest that after overclocking the Intel HD Graphics 4000 a bit, performance should be a bit smoother.
If you change to 1280 X 800, it will be 60 to 70 levels, while 1680 X 1050 will have 40 levels.
If you use the current integrated graphics for the best 3D performance, resolution needs to be lowered a bit to make the pages smoother.

I will share my experience with the high-end VGA I have on hand -- PowerColor PowerColor AX7970 3GBD5-2DHV3
3DMark Vantage => P34055

StreetFighter IV Benchmark
1920 X 1080 => 392.82 FPS
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