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Well then your receiver does not deliver the wattage it claims to all of the speakers.

One example of this is the fact it claims that it does 90W x 7 however in the same specification sheet it says its power consumption is 600W. 90W x 7 = 630W, you cannot magically create more power then what you draw. Let's say that it does draw 630W and the specification sheet is off by 30W, it doesn't then take into consideration the wattage consumed by the unit itself while it is decoding and converting the digital or analog signals into playable formats, as well as the power delivered to the sub woofer. I'm still looking to find the test specs, which typically are what the receiver was driven at with 2 speakers and "claimed" to do for the rest (which is rather standard on A/V units)

A lot of A/Vs also have relatively high THD, Total Harmonic Distortion, around 5-10% (the one you have is 8%) whereas a real amplifier such as the UPA-500 has less then 1%.
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