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The large gold heat-dissipation module shows an emphasis on providing better cooling capacity.
If gold had been used for the color of the heat pipe in middle, the overall appearance would be more consistent.

The heat sink for the Z77 chipset is not small and the spatial design is also good.
The special characteristic of the Black Extreme name printed on the high-end ECS series is that an orange pattern will be displayed as the temperature rises to a certain range.

The pins for the LGA 1155 CPU use a 15μ gold connecting material,
which is also used for the DDR3 DIMM to emphasize the provision of materials that on average have more than three times the oxidation resistance,
heat resistance and scratch resistance of ordinary materials.

The main view of the ECS UEFI shows four graphical interface functions.
In total, 10 different languages are supported including traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese.

Advanced Interface
The main choices are for CPU and DRAM functions, clock speed, parameters or voltage settings.

Voltage Details
CPU Voltage +0.010 -- +0.630 V
AXG Voltage +0.010 -- +0.630 V
IMC Vlotage +0.011 -- +0.945 V
DIMM Voltage +0.010 -- +0.630 V
System Agent Voltage +0.010 -- +0.630 V
PCH Voltage +0.010 -- +0.630 V
CPU PLL Voltage +0.010 -- +0.630 V

The CPU multiplier default is 47, or in other words, 3770K for 4700MHz operation
The Graphics Core Ratio Limit is the clock speed of the CPU’s internal GPU
The 23 algorithm is 23 X 50 => 1150MHz, and the figure shows the default 3770K clock for the internal HD 4000

DDR3 Setting Page
Supporting XMP technology, the DDR3 clock default is 2400
The main parameters are CL10 11-11-28 1T

In the Z77H2-A2X, ECS has opened a lot more DDR3 parameters than in their own X79R-AX

Page with CPU information and related technology
You can choose to open a few CPU cores.
I personally am accustomed to turning off the power saving C3/C6 and C1E in low-bandwidth overclocking mode to find the best settings.
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