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So I have another update! After sanding down the filler on the joins I gave the case a quick coat of primer having masked out all the acrylic. I am impressed with the join almost invisible! YAY!

Lots of this update is bits and pieces I completed yesterday as all the big stuff is not ready to be shown/ I have not got around to editing the pictures. This is a bolt... M4 steel, you know the normal. What makes it special in codename-c is that it holds in a piece of angle that in turn holds in pieces of aluminium that cover the acrylic internally.

Obviously this is just a bit of scrap but it gives you idea about what is happening.

I started working on the "door" I have cut out pieces of acrylic which fit snuggly with the supports on the main chassis, this will stop the door wiggling about and guide it into place when you put it on the case. I am working on attachement devices so there will be no screws on it at all!

While that was drying I broke out the rotary tool and cut out a slot for the rear exhaust fan to sit.

Stuck some matt black on the back panel... Going to be painting all the aluminium in matt black :D

OOOOOoooo RaspberryPi! This wonderful little board is going to be powering the LEDs allowing me to set the RGB leds to whatever I like :D I know, I could have used an arduino or any other microcontroller on the planet, but where is the fun in that?

Until next time, mod on!
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