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Originally Posted by fireXtract View Post
Thanks for the suggestion i think in my area a 2.4 Ghz is ok but will a 2.4 wireless phone interfere?
And is the default firmware for the RT-N16 good?
A 2.4Ghz phone can interfere with your router, but there's ways to avoid it. Some phones will have the option of selecting their wireless channel, just set it to something that your router isn't using.

If you don't have that option, you can still change the channel settings on your router until you find something that works. If you're still out of luck you can always increase the power to the antennae via custom firmware - or just use a stronger antenna altogether.

As for the default firmware, the latest revisions are very good but the older versions are bad to the point of causing constant wireless dropouts. You won't be guaranteed a plug and play router, but flashing the firmware is relatively simple and Asus provides tools and instructions on how to do so. If you need to access highly advanced settings such as IP based bandwidth monitoring, you'll need a custom firmware.
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