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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
So wait a sec, every site that doesn't see it the way you do is?
Interesting perspective from someone who choose the name eyefinity.

I personally read as many as I can and see and make my decisions from many. But I Trust Sky in his reviews.

Results Vary not only card by card but platform by platform, some boards boost AMD Cards better then Nvidia due to drivers and hell random glitches.

The Biased crap has to stop as SKY is doing the exact same thing every other site does(myself included) just giving the people the facts in his reviews hes not changing numbers hes not telling you a story of how great something is when it is not.

Dont argue with the numbers as those are the numbers the platform he used gave him

and Thanks ST you could of of phrased it better

Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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