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Default DDR2 8GB?

I hate to post about such old technology/hardware but if you are stuck with an old machine, will switching to 8gb from 4gb allow one to notice anything?

My computer is crashing recently and I can't figure out why (yet).

I was going to post a WTB ad for more RAM but my memory is obsolete so it will be hard to find 2 sticks that won't be drastically different speed and timings. Yeah, all DDR2 are but at least one can sometimes find Corsair, for e..g, DDR2. You can combine RAM and all the sticks will downgrade to the lowest speed and timings, right?

The only other idea I had was to post a WTB ad for 8gb and then sell what I have or keep it as a backup. I don't want to pay much though and although I'd like to say to 'leave it' and invest for a new DD3 system, I see a new computer (RAM, mobo) as over $300? It needs to be no slower than an Intel Quad Core LGA775.

Any advice?
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