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Originally Posted by Lpfan4ever View Post
My theory on cases after how many I've gone through is this. INVEST in a large case that can handle what you think you might put in there in the future. If you're on air and think you might do WCing, make sure the case will handle it. I went from a small no name case, to a small Lian Li, to another mid sized case, a HAF932, and then finally my Mountain Mods U2-UFO. I would have saved so much money by just buying that first.

There are a lot of case options, take a night to sit down and read reviews. This is one thing that is almost all personal taste. For example, there is no doubt the HAF series are great cases for air and water, but a lot of people can't stand the looks. Find something you'll be happy to see on your desk and that will fit your stuff in the future.
Well, lookin at something along the lines of a Shinobi XL windowed or the CM Storm Snyper even though I am kinda not to crazy about the black n white thing to give ya a idea of where im goin/thinkin in the future.

Then there's the other fact of what kinda resell value am i gotta get on my 690 II advanced to recoupe some of that cost.
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