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We will never see this car here ... really not adapted for our roads. I prefer to live with the dream that the car manufacturers will shortly import their diesel engines over the Atlantic sea.

With the new low sulfur diesel and the new technology, the new generation diesel engines are comming cleaner and quieter than ever before (comming really close to regular gas engine and sometimes better) and are, I think, the better short time solution to get through gas price elevation.

A diesel toyota Yaris only take 4l/100km (70,5mi/gal) on the highway and 5,4l/100km (52mi/gal) in city. That is the real thing and it is available right now. A diesel Rav4 take 5,6l/100km (50mi/gal) on highway. Ok .. it's sure you don't have the same fun has with the 3,5 V6 of 268hp that is availaible here (and that my mom own ... by the way really impressive with all this power and it's 18" wheels ... ).

Maybe when Honda will bring his new Accord with their new diesel engine that is supposed te be sold next year on our lands, the other manufacturers will start to do the same. Since, all we can do is complain and be patient .

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