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My System Specs


Originally Posted by GT7R View Post
Why not get a 7970?
7970 will easily beat a 670 at the higher resolutions and can be had at the same if not cheaper price.

An Asus DCII 7970 is $429 ($409 after MIR) thats $10 either more or less expensive than the 670 (both are on special at NCIX this week)

There are other options with larger MIR's or less known manufacturers with no MIR but just as cheap or cheaper.

At your res I would go either for what sky said (the updated bios 7950) or a 7970... 670 is slightly over-priced now.
(at launch the 670 was much better bang for buck than either of these but Nvidia seem to be making a mistake with their pricing now rather than AMD)
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