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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Luay79 View Post
Memory: 8GB is plenty.

Graphics Card: downgrade to GTX 670 2GB. There are no benefits gained from the 2 extra GB at 1080P resolution.

Hard Drive 1: SSD

Hard Drive 2: WD Caviar Black or Green. VelociRaptor is Power hungry, noisy, expensive and not as fast as SSD.

On the 4GB card.. you will run out of graphics power before you run out of ram.. The only reason for 4GB would be if you were using really high resolution texture pack and had everything max'd at a higher res.

On the HDD.. I am swayed by the seagate 7200.14
It's faster than a WD black, I haven't heard much in the way of large failure rates and it's cheaper than a WD blue. grab a 2 TB one
Veliciraptor is a total waste IMO. (for most people, certainly for your needs.)

You'll also not use 8GB of ram never mind 16.. that said ram is relatively cheap and you could create a small ramdisk with the extra 8. (think ssd caching on a smaller but MUCH faster scale)

What monitor are you planning to play on?
With you budget and spec I hope your going for something more than a standard 1920x1080 tn panel (catleap thread in display section may be interesting for you)
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